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Thank you for visiting my page! While there may be many blog posts and other content that give you a sneak peak into who I am, I will still briefly introduce myself to you all.

I’m a student at the University of Mary Washington studying Elementary Education. My passion has always been working with, connecting to, and serving children. Because of that, I have held a variety of jobs working with kids (camp counselor, nanny, child development coach, and even a mascot – yes the suits smell as badly as you imagined).

I also work for the University’s Community Outreach and Resources department where I serve as our team’s intern mentor. Prior to this, I worked as our social media designer, allowing me to become somewhat acquainted with digital design. Through this job I have been lucky enough to become connected so closely with the Fredericksburg community as well as my own peers. I am so excited to connect even further with other students through this unique digital experience!

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