Ad for the Scottlo Podcast

For this assignment, we were required to create an advertisement for the wonderful Scottlo. This was incredibly interesting and fun to do since he worked with DS106 as well as the fact that I have listened to him first hand. Creating an advertisement for such an incredible podcast seemed simplistic, but it was more challenging than I initially anticipated.

The verbiage itself was hard to come up with since I have never created a radio advertisement before. However, radio jockeys have a very distinct voice and often utilize similar sayings, especially during advertisements. Therefore, I decided to go with what I hear on the radio. That being said, I still of course want to make it personal to Scottlo, so I added specific details of the podcast.

I incorporated many sounds from Free Sounds within my podcast as well. I tried to do so in a manner that made it more interesting and engaging, rather than distracting. IN order to achieve this, I turned the sound of the clips down so my voice was still the focal point of the advertisement. Check it out below!

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