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Color is incredibly affective tool in terms of design. In fact, color has a physical, psychological, and social impacts on individuals. The advertisement below utilizes specific colors to send almost subconscious messages to their viewers. Yellow, for example, yellow is attention grabbing and is associated with wisdom and intellectual energies. Furthermore, blue conveys a calming affect as well as trust, loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, expertise, and stability. Since this ad is made by a insurance company, the colors are affectively used to draw in customers.



Typography, while seemingly simplistic, can be incredibly hard to get “right”. However, it is incredibly impactful in terms of graphic design. Burger King makes very bold choices in this design, it is incredibly eye catching without being distracting. Further, it is a unique design that highlights the important aspects. These include “Ch’ King” as well as “Breaded Chicken”. Words like “freshly” and “hand” are kept smaller as they are less important to grasping the potential customer.


Minimalism and Use of Space

Minimalism and use of space has become a very prevalent trend within graphic design that only seems to be more popular with time. The most important element is focusing attention on the main topic. The advertisement below does so affectively by making the pizza the main focal point. Additionally, there is much white space within the advertisement. The typography is limited, but impactful and informative.

Minimalism and use of space


Balance in graphic design creates a sense of equilibrium that reflects on our views of physical structure. The picture below conveys symmetrical balance, meaning the composition’s weight is evenly distributed. The advertisement below utilizes symmetrical balance to create a visually appealing and intriguing advertisement.


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