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She had spent most nights of her 20 years within this bedroom. Despite the walls changing colors, new bedspreads, and furniture being moved around, the room had an unwavering feeling of home. When she left for college, she yearned for the soft feeling of her own pillow and smell of lavender her mother diffused in the room next door.

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Despite the homesick feeling in her stomach, she never doubted the return would be so sweet it would be worth the wait. She could had never anticipated what her parents told her later. The idea of another child taking over her room, another family filling the walls with unfamiliar scents, and idea of having to make a new bedroom feel as comfortable as this one shook her to her core. On her final trip before the move, she sat on her nail polish stained carpet and wished she could freeze this moment in time. So she did just that, she sat, she drew, she cried, and she thanked the universe for giving her such an incredible home for the past 20 years.

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Upon her arrival into what would be her new bedroom, she hung the picture in attempt to make this unfamiliar space feel a little more like home.

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