DS106 Reacts

When Claire was a young girl, she loved going to baseball games. Her favorite team was the Denver Dinosaurs, the minor league team local to her area. Throughout her entire childhood, she spent countless nights eating cracker jacks and cheering on her team.

While she enjoyed sitting and watching, she always had a want to be chosen to go on the field between periods and complete one of the challenges. One night, her seat number was chosen and her dream came true. She went on the field, waved to the fans, and began the obstacle race.

She ran through tires, crawled under a rope, did 10 dizzy bats, and was approaching the end of the course in record time. However, she had the wrong impression of what the ending was and began running in the opposite direction. The crowd began yelling trying to direct her back, but she couldn’t differentiate this yelling from cheering and continued on.

In a last minute attempt to stop her, the Denver Dino mascot sprinted at full speed and tackled her in front of the entire crowd. Embarrassed beyond belief, Claire ran off the field with tears in her eyes, only to slip and fall in mud, making the experience even worse. After that day, she never went to another Denver Dino game and prayed she would just forget about the entire experience.

For a long time, that was the case. The memory slowly dissipated as she grew older. However, in her adult life, a fan who was at the game released a video of the event. Within days, it was circling the internet and even made its way to America’s Funniest Home Videos. Before she knew it, Claire was invited on Ellen.

When she went, she tried to embrace her embarrassment, learning how to joke about herself. Ellen, however, had other plans to give her yet another Dino scare. Claire was approached by the Denver Dino and practically jumped out of her seat. Before she knew it, she had two viral videos with her and that Denver Dino.

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