Introducing Me

I began my digital journey by setting up my twitter account. It’s been awhile since I have used twitter, but the platform felt familiar within moments of setting up my account. Here’s how I introduced myself to the twitter community.

Soundcloud is by far the most challenging platform for me to navigate thus far. While I have enjoyed the app as a listener, I have never attempted to create my own sound. Although, as I note in my Soundcloud bio, music is an incredibly impactful tool in connecting with the world, understanding our own emotions, and can even provide a sneak peak into someone’s character and overall personality. Because of this, I decided to make my introduction on the application by showcasing some of my all time favorite tracks. Check out my liked tracks here to get to know me a little better (June by Briston Maroney is my current favorite track – but that is subject to change at any moment).

While photography has been an artistic medium I have been fortunate enough to practice since I was a kid (thanks dad), I have never been exposed to Flickr – man, was I missing out! I began by uploading a few images to demonstrate my style as well as show my wanderlust and overall love for the world, check them out here. I also created a bio you can find here that elaborates a little more on my love for photography.

Youtube is also a platform that I have grown very comfortable using throughout my high school and college career. As I have somewhat alluded to above, I have always considered myself a creative person and will as often as possible create video submissions for my courses. Here you can watch this video to learn more about me!

Keep following the accounts above as well as this page to learn more about me, thanks for joining me in my little corner of the internet!

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