Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad

Hearing Ira Glass‘ explanation of the building blocks of broadcasting was not only incredibly informative, but also very interesting. While seemingly simplistic, many listeners, or even some broadcasters, do not know how imipactful these elements are to create a successful story.

The first component is that of an anecdote. Essentially, the anecdote is the sequence of actions within a story. While again, one would assume this is simplistic, it actually can be used to make even the most boring stories come to life. Glass elaborates on this by stating that the anecdote is not actually about what happens, but about building the momentum of the story to create an intriguing story for the listeners. The second was that of bating listeners early on. Further, Glass explains that in story telling, it is all about raiising questions for the listeners in the form of bait.

I also found it incredibly interesting to hear him speak on the importance of finding a good story. A majority of individuals think most broadcasters time is allotted towards producing, editing, and essentially creating the broadcast. However, Glass explains that as much time, if not more, is dedicated to finding a compelling story. I related to this when trying to think of a story for my Story Time assignment. While I could have gone with a story that popped into my head immediately, it would not have been as successful as if I had waited for a better one to arise, as Ira Glass explains in his interview.

The interview with Jad Abumrad was very eye opening. Although it was a short clip, he spoke on so many important aspects of radio and even noted its extreme uniqueness in comparison to other platforms. In fact, he claims that the coolest thing about radio is actually what it lacks, a visual.

The lack of pictures allows for creativity among the listeners. Further, Abumrad states that it is as if the broadcaster is painting an image for the listener, except the listener is the one actually doing the painting. This co-authorship of the visual aspects of the story create for a unique and incredibly connected experience. This was very impactful to hear not only as a listener, but as a producer of content for this course.


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