Look, Listen, Analyze.

Look: Watching this video without the sound was a unique experience to say the least, although it did provide me with an experience I am not used to. When the scene began, the characters are shown to be looking around, alluding to someone entering the room. The camera then cuts to the Joker’s back as he enters, allowing the audience to see the other character’s reactions to his presence. The lighting is poor. However, this is intentional as the location is supposed to be dingy and somewhat suspenseful. Although there is no sound, you can sense the feeling of suspense throughout the scene as well as animosity between characters based on their facial expressions. The camera was often shaky as well as cutting often, adding to the overall chaos of the scene. However, the Joker in the middle of the scene goes into a monologue in which the camera slows, focuses, and zooms in on him. Again, adding to the suspense of the scene. The energy picks up again after he is finished. Overall, despite the lack of dialogue, you are able to follow the mood of the scene throughout due to the detailed camera work.

Listen: As the scene begins, we hear the Joker laugh and his footsteps, alluding to the fact that he is entering the room. From there we hear the buzzing of the lights, chairs moving, buttons on shirts, jackets rustling, and even character’s breath. The incredible detail of sound allows us to become one with the scene, pulling us deeper into the action. Moreover, the inflection of character’s voices are heightened without image, allowing the viewer to understand the emotion even further. When the Joker goes into his monologue, the background noises cut, allowing the audience to hang on to every word he says. It is so intense you can hear his lips move as he speaks. This not only causes focus, but again heightens the suspense as we know the characters as silently and carefully listening as well.

Analyze: When the scene is brought together, both visually and auditory, the true masterpiece is created. We as the audience as drawn to the sounds, or lack their of. However, the visuals, mix of fast and slow camera work, focus on characters reactions, and more, add to the overall creation. It is truly incredible to see how these two worlds play with and off of one another to come together as one suspenseful, classic scene. Overall, this assignment allowed me to focus on the techniques of both as individuals and partners.


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