Moon Graffiti

Overall, I found Moon Graffiti to be a compelling, interesting, thought provoking, and emotional story. From the moment it began, I was immediately hooked. As it continued, I was drawn in even further. While we as listeners were exposed to the “point” of the story fairly early on, I was still hanging on to the edge of my seat to hear how the astronauts would react and move forward.

The start of the story had many layered sounds, something I would not have noticed prior to reading about the techniques of storytelling and broadcasting. The sounds, while there were many, were intentionally used and not overwhelming. It was so well done that when I closed my eyes I felt as though I was on the crashing ship with them.

After the expose, we are introduced to our narrator who provides some clarity as to what we are listening to. This choice was very effective as we are initially drawn in by the crash and begin to ask questions to ourselves. As stated above, this got viewers hooked. The bait provided by Moon Graffiti was very effective.

Shortly after we are given some context, the narrative is given back to the astronauts as they loose connections with the world below. When switching, the sound effects are brought back and again it feels as though we are a part of their experience. Everything sounds, and therefore feels as though we are a part of them processing their grief with loosing connection to earth.

This choice, telling the story in more than words, was incredibly impactful in developing listener’s emotions with the story. If a narrator, or third party so-to-speak, had simply told us the astronauts were lost forever, it simply would not have been as impactful. However, in hearing the astronauts themselves lose the connection (hearing the radio cut, the ringing as they try to connect, the change in their voices as they process what has happened) we are far more connected to the story as well as their emotions and even begin to process the information as they.

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