Photo Background Removal

For this assignment, I was required to take an image and remove the background. The picture that I chose was from a summer camp I attended as a camper and eventually worked at as well. Within this camp, once a week we had theme days where the counselors would all fully embrace a new persona for the day.

This particular theme week was Battle of the Cartoons in which I was assigned Perry the Platypus (likely assigned this only because it rhymed with my name). This particular theme day also happened to be on my 18th birthday. What I imagined to be a fun filled day did a complete 180 faster than I could have imagined.

This summer camp hosts campers for a week at a time, meaning counselors sleep in very close quarters to the campers. This made the news of our cabin having lice so much scarier.

Now lice may not seem too horrible if it happens to you, your family, your kids, etc. But when a cabin of 20 thirteen year olds get it all at once while in the middle of the woods – it’s more horrible than you can imagine.

I thought I’d spend my 18th playing with the kids and having fun. Instead I spent over 7 hours picking lice out of girls heads in a cabin with no air conditioning in the middle of July – quite the welcome into adulthood.

How-to: Photo Background Removal

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