Photo Safari

This assignment was both challenging and thrilling. I chose to complete within my bedroom as I have a lot of random objects as well as a fairly large space. Additionally, I was able to complete a fairly decent number of images because of the number of objects close to my disposal.

As stated above, I was challenged by this assignment. Some photos were easily depicted, such as someone else’s shoe, whereas others were more abstract, such as a photo that represents joy. This required me to think outside of the box, focus more on the mood and message of the image, rather than the object depicted themselves. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this challenge. Although – those 15 minutes went by way faster than I anticipated.

While I am happy with my overall work, there were some images that I didn’t convey exactly how I imagined. Specifically, the suggestion of motion. For this picture I tried to use a bobble head as this is an object that is known for its movement. However, it looks more like a blurry picture rather than true movement. Had I had more time, I feel as though I could have eventually recreated my original image.

Although simplistic, I am most proud of my image that showcases an interesting shadow. I love the play with light as well as the contrast between the dark shadows and bright lights. I also really enjoyed my picture in which I depict an inanimate object as alive. It is a somewhat goofy picture, but also plays off of the light peeking through the window well.

I had a lot of fun and truly enjoy the challenge of this assignment. Check out these images on my flickr as well.

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