Photography Techniques

While I have played around with photography in the past, I have never known many techniques. Rather, I would simply point and shoot which resulted in incredibly mundane photos. Thankfully, this assignment showed me a lot of new techniques that I was able to play around with resulting in much more appealing and interesting products.

The ebook “Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft” by David duChemin provided some great insight that leads to more interesting and compelling photos without having to spend money on more gear. Although I was unable to read the ebook in its entirety, the highlights of each of teh techniques was enough to ramp up my photography game.

On technique by duChemin that I utilized in the photo above is that of creating depth. For this technique, duChemin recommends to “look for ways to add dimension of visual depth in your 2-dimensional images- play with foreground, lines, use of wide-angle lenses, use of dark backgrounds”. I was able to approach this by using a lens in which the focus was primarily in the foreground, drawing the viewer in. While a photo of someone else’s shoe could be completely uninteresting, this technique was able to bring something so simplistic to life.

The image above is by far the one I am most proud of. Typically, photographers tend to stray from shooting into light, especially when using an object in the foreground as it often results in only producing a silhouette. However, I went a more unique route by placing the lights behind that actually resulted in a very eye catching product. In addition to this, I used duChemin’s technique of “getting pickier”. The original image was the same object, only shot while sitting on my desk. This resulted in very boring colors and an overall dull photo. By taking the time to get picky and move my object around the room, I was able to produce an image that is far more eye catching.

Although, being this deliberate did take time and resulted in less pictures being completed for the photo safari – quality over quantity! Check out the rest of my photo safari on my flickr page to see more of the techniques I utilized.

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