Day 8 : Assessment

Title: Reading clocks to the nearest 5 minutes.

Time Frame: 2 hours

Materials: Post-assessment, time bingo, and counters.

Summative Assessment: Time Post-Assessment

Activities and Procedures

Introduction: Review the analog and digital clock, where hour and minute can be found on both, zones of hours on analog clock, skip count of minute hand on analog clock, appropriate terminology (o’clock, half past, quarter ‘til, quarter after), and AM and PM.

Whole Group Review: Students play time bingo. Each have a unique bingo card (one side shows digital clocks, one side shows analog clocks) and counters. Teacher displays calling cards under the document camera for all students to see. Two versions are completed (shown below) and repeated twice, winner receives a sticker.

  1. Students have digital clocks on their sheet, calling cards show analog clocks.
  2. Students have analog clocks on their shit, calling cards show digital clocks.

Assessment: Students are reminded of testing expectations and instructed to take their time. Final questions are addressed and assessment begins.