Final Weekly Summary

I was beyond excited when I saw the prompt for our final project. While I have enjoyed using the assignment bank for inspiration in the past, as I have grown more comfortable creating content my mind was filled with unique ideas of what I could make. The creativity this allowed us to have was incredible.

That being said, I was actually challenged more than I anticipated. Specifically, finding a compelling story. This reminded me of what we learned from Ira Glass, finding a good story is more important than creating one quickly. Further, finding the story itself often and almost should take as much time as writing the story and creating the content to go with it. Therefore, I decided to employ my first few days of the week as brainstorming time.

I am so incredibly happy I did this. The first few ideas I had would have worked, but been less interesting. Had I not allowed myself to wait util a better idea emerged, I would have actually spent more time trying to make the story more interesting.

After a few days, I finally settled on my idea. When I was in Greece pre-pandemic, a pack of stray dogs followed us home from a restaurant and even slept outside of our hotel. After that day, I always wondered what happened to those dogs and if they ever found a home. I had felt so guilty since they likely thought we would take care of them going forward. Because of this, I wrote an alternative ending to my true story in which the journey with the dogs did not end that night. The story is called A New Home.

For this project, I utilized a variety of digital designing programs. The first I knew I would use was Pro-create; an application that allows you to combine multiple images. Within my story, I explained that the main character adopted one of the dogs and moved into a new home with him. Therefore, I wanted to create an image of this dog in front of “their house”. I also wanted to show the character flying to Greece as well as the dog winning “top dog” award. Check out how I created these images here: How To: Combining Images.

I also created a few videos from my actual trip. By using real videos, the story was able to come to life. In order to create the videos I wanted, I had to combine multiple clips to create a comprehensive video. I utilized iMovie in order to do so. To learn more, watch my How To: Stitching Videos.

Within the story, the main character does not stop at adopting the one dog. Rather, she creates a dog shelter to save them all. In order to add some challenge in my story, I depicted that the dogs were not being adopted. Therefore, the main character needed to step up her advertising game. Check out How To: Creating a Flyer to see how I created her advertisement for the dog shelter.

Finally, I utilized Audacity to create a sound for my story. I thought this choice was particularly compelling as it allowed for my viewers to create a visual image for themselves based off of the audio. Although short, this clip adds tremendously to the overall story and implements a sense of creativity. Here is how I created the audio clip: How To: Audio Stitching.

Throughout this semester, I have learned so much. It is truly incredible to see how comfortable I am creating designs considering how short of a period I completed this work. Prior to this course, I was very comfortable with graphic design, photography, as well as creating videos. But that being said, I was still able to learn so many techniques that enhanced my work. For example, using specific colors in graphic design, utilizing lighting for my photos, creating an intro and credits for my videos and so much more.

I am most impressed with myself for learning how to use Audacity and Word Press. It definitely took some time to understand how both work, but now I genuinely enjoy creating content through both platforms! In fact, the most exciting project to me was creating a scary sound with audacity. I really had no faith in myself at the beginning. Splicing together the sounds seemed too intimidating. Despite that, my tireless effort resulted in a sound that was truly frightening and I was so excited when I was done.

If I had to do this class again, I would not change most of what I completed. I put a lot of time and intentional thought into what I designed. Further, I used a lot of effort to create compelling blog posts to accompany my creations. However, there is one lesson I wish I had learned sooner. As I mentioned above, it is more important to take time to find a good story than to rush a mediocre one. Although I did not rush, I feel as though if I had allowed myself to brainstorm more, my stories for the assignment banks would have been more interesting.

That being said, I am still very proud of how I grew as a storyteller throughout this course. I learned so much about design, intentionality, story telling, and overall content production. It was a long journey that required so much dedicated – but man, did it pay off.

So, for a final time, thank you for joining me in my little corner of the internet!

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