Mid-Week 1 Summary

Overall, I found this course to be challenging yet surprisingly rewarding thus far. I feel as though I have made thoughtful decisions while setting up both my website as well as my Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, and Soundcloud accounts. What I was most proud of myself for was my initial introduction post I made on this website that included embedded links to the introductions I made throughout my social media pages. I took a lot of time trying to introduce myself in different ways across the platforms so they would comprise to who I am when viewed together. You can find this comprehensive post here. I also thought it was important to have an About Me page that viewers could quickly learn about me. Rather than naming it something simplistic, I called it Come to My Corner, playing off of the name of my website.

Throughout this process, I was challenged in many ways. By far the biggest struggle I faced was understanding how WordPress works and how I can utilize the tools available to make my vision come to life on this page. Creating menus, specifically, was a large obstacle for me. However, thanks to the large number of helpful posts on the internet, I was able to learn more about how the platform works. I also learned how to use widgets, download plugins, select themes, embed posts from other platforms, and grow overall comfort with this platform, all things that were completely new to me!

I enjoyed lots of aspects of this assignment and setting up my account, but my favorite was the immediate online community I felt connected to through these platforms. Within minutes of joining twitter I was able to immediately connect to my classmates by seeing their Daily Creates as well as sharing my own (which can be found here). Throughout the pandemic, I was felt completely isolated from my peers and the overall UMW community. It was amazing to see the power of technology and digital space that we are able to connect through despite this course being asynchronous.

Although I feel as though I have completed great work for our first assignment, especially considering how new this all is to me, of course there are things I would have changed looking back. The first being my indecisiveness when deciding on my website theme. I would pick one out, work on it for awhile, and then decide I wanted a different one. This was, of course, incredibly time consuming and often had me repeating work I had previously done on the theme I had selected before. I wish I had spent more time picking out one I liked initially, rather than spending so much time changing it over and over again (although – I am very happy with my final decision).

Despite my indecisiveness with the themes, customizing my page was incredibly rewarding. It took me, as I noted above, a long time to grow comfortable with WordPress. However, as I messed around with different functions and tools, I was able to further my understanding and see my page come to life. I do, however, still have questions. Specially, I am trying to understand more about categories, subcategories, and parent categories. As I worked with the site more, I began to somewhat understand how to set them up. Although, I still have questions regarding their overall function (which I am sure I will grow more comfortable with over time).

There is, of course, larger implications in creating this page as well as my other social media accounts. Technology, specifically social media, is incredibly impactful in both connecting people to one another as well as serving as a tool for shaping individual’s perceptions of the world. Just as we do in person, it is essential to remember how impactful one’s posts may be to another person. Because of this, I must be thoughtful and respectful in deciding how I present my thoughts, ideas, and overall self to the world through these platforms.

Overall, I am very proud of both the time and energy I put into this assignment as well as the product I created. Although I still have lots to learn and a tremendous amount to grow in the digital world, I feel as though I produced thoughtful and creative content for this assignment that met all of the requirements. I am happy with what I have learned and produced, how much I have challenged myself, and excited for what more I have to learn. Thanks for coming to my corner!

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