Week 4 Summary

This week was far less challenging than others since I have experience creating videos, specifically within iMovie. That being said, I still wanted to challenge my abilities throughout this week by going beyond what I typically do during video creations.

Because of this, I was actually able to learn a lot about iMovie that I did not previously know. Such as splicing clips as well as detaching audio from the clips I uploaded. I still have some questions regarding the platform, such as how to embed sounds that are not on iTunes.

That being said, I am still proud of the work I have created. For this week, I created two videos: Get to Know Me and What I Eat in a Day. Both of which I am the sole “character” and narrator, two roles I do not typically take on. However, as I stated above, I attempted to go beyond my comfort zone by taking on these new roles. In doing so, I was able to get some really personal videos that I believe will help my viewers understand me much deeper. While I am happy with my work, especially considering how much time I put into them, I recognize there is always room for improvement. For my What I Eat in a Day video, for example, I wish I had included more clips of me actually eating and enjoying the food. Although it is very awkward to record yourself eating, I think this would’ve furthered my goal of challenging myself this week.

While I learned a lot while creating, I learned the most about being the viewer of films rather than creating them. The assignment, Reading Movies specifically was very informative. I am an avid movie watched and can often appreciate a classic scene, but prior to this week did not know the exact techniques that were used within these films. It was incredibly interesting to both read about these films as well as see how impactful the techniques can be by observing classic movie scenes that utilize them. The Shining (which I discuss in the blog embedded above) was particularly interesting to me as the zoom technique they utilize is so minute and yet incredibly effective in setting the eerie mood.

I enjoyed and simultaneously was the most challenged by the Look, Listen, Analyze assignment. I had never viewed a movie from such unique perspectives and often struggled putting what I observed into words. However, this challenged me to be thoughtful and descriptive in my writing. I particularly enjoyed observing the video without sound. Since I have not seen the movie in a long time, I did not remember exactly what was being said. Despite that, the impressive camera work (and techniques I have learned this week) allowed for me to still feel the mood of the scene and somewhat understand what was going on. Listening without looking was less impactful for me, leading me to believe I am primarily affected by visuals. When coupled together, however, you can truly see the beauty and brilliance of the scene.

Of course with any online presence, there is a social and cultural impact we as creators must be aware of. For my What I Eat in a Day video, I had to record while I was at work as I typically have most of my food there. As a nanny, I had to be aware of the fact that I do not have the right to record and publish content of the children I care for. Because of this, I was careful to ensure they were not within the camera’s sight when recording.

In terms of my participation, I reached out to many of my classmates through Comments on their pages. It was really fun to read their work and compare their creativity to my own when completing the same assignments. It is crazy to see how differently everyone approached them! I really love seeing everyone’s work, but especially like seeing how my classmates laid out their websites. I am hoping to hear back from some of them soon! In addition to comments, I created a few Daily Creates on twitter.

Overall this week I feel as though I completed all of my work thoroughly and creatively. This week was by far the most time consuming for me as creating videos can be lengthy. Despite this, I stayed focused and thoughtful with my work. I challenged myself as a creator in new ways and even took on many roles I do not typically do – film “critic”, narrator, main character, etc. I am proud of how much I have grown and am happy to see how much further I come.

Thanks for joining me in my little corner of the internet!

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