How To: Combining Images

Throughout the entirety of this summer semester, I have been so thankful for my iPad. I have always been into graphic design and saved up for a long time in order to buy it and the apple pencil. Rather than completing designs with a mouse or track pad, I am able to draw with my pencil, making it far easier and in my experience more precise.

The application I use is called Pro-create. Not only are you able to draw free hand, but also import and manipulate images from your camera roll. This made it the perfect application to use when combining two or more images.

For my final project I had many images I wanted to create where I needed to place one image within another. In order to do this, I would first import my background image. From there, I would add the image I want on top within a different layer. After that all I had to do was erase the areas of the top image (the background of it) that I did not want.

Since I utilized the same process for all three of my designs, I have decided to place them all within this single blog post. Although I was creating different images, they all required the same steps, especially since I was only combining two images for each. Check out a more detailed explanation of how I completed this below!

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