Are We There Yet?

When first reading this assignment, the idea I had came to me almost instantaneously. Back in 2018, my friend and I (pictured below) had the opportunity to travel around Greece for 10 days. We were doing so in May and happen to be there on May 4th – a day celebrating Star Wars.

My friend and I both don’t have any true interest in Star Wars, although my mother is a devout fan and therefore I have seen every movie. Our lack of interest, however, made us completely ignorant to May 4th being a thing. When we left our room in the morning, we were immediately reminded. The entire city was covered in Star Wars decorations and many people were dressed as characters- who knew the Greeks loved Star Wars so much!

Because of this, I decided to use a picture of us in Greece on a Star Wars ship.

How-to: Are We There Yet?

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