Been There

Jess had just had been cheated on by the man she assumed she would marry. To make it worse, she had to quickly find a new place to live and essentially uplift her life. With such short notice, the only place she could find was with three men in a loft.

She spent the first few days crying next to her unpacked boxes and watching Dirty Dancing on repeat. The boys had no idea how to approach this issue and were quite frankly shocked by her emotions.

Growing up with older brothers and all boy cousins, this moment hit home. Often, when I was upset, my male family members did not know how to react. They would typically give me a small pat on the back or hit me with a “there, there”. Every time I could sense their care, but pure ignorance on how to handle any sort of emotion. This scene has made me laugh ever since.

How-to: Been There

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