Get to Know Me

This assignment was one of my favorites to do! Prior to this week, I have used IMovie a lot for both school and within my personal life. Because of this, I had a lot of fun creating the intro and credits as well as playing with transitions and backgrounds. One of the great things about IMovie is that you can record within the platform. This allowed me to create the entirety of it all through IMovie and upload it to YouTube from there.

Creating the content itself, however, was more challenging than I anticipated. I was set on doing it within one video, rather than stitch them together, in order to make the video feel more personal for viewers. This was very challenging as it was not a short video and I often tripped over my words. After a few takes I finally got it, check it out below!

In order to create this video, I recorded myself directly in iMovie. From there, I simply chose a background and added text for my intro and credits- very simple! Uploading to YouTube was then just a drag and drop. Find more info about iMovie here:


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