Spooky Season

Claire had her fair share of scares, and if you remember from her experience at the baseball game, she was not a big fan of them. Despite her constant want to leave her scares in her past, she was constantly being followed by them through viral videos and talk show appearances. In a desperate attempt to escape from the press, she decided to buy an abandoned house on the Appalachian trail.

Prior moving in, she visited the area and met the few locals. It was an incredibly desolate area, so her neighbors were few and far between. They told her horror stories about the house, stating a young girl died in the home in the early 1900s and still walks the halls to this day. Claire was heartbroken, this house was supposed to be an escape from spookiness! Despite what she heard, she convinced herself they were just stories.

The next day she showed up on the front steps, took a few deep breathes and opened the doors with a clear head. She was shocked to see a beautiful home, in fairly good condition, and no little girl to be heard or seen. She spent the rest of the day unpacking and settling into her new home. As time passed, she became more comfortable and even began to forget the stories she had been told.

This quickly changed for Claire by the time the sun had set. She took a bath to calm her nerves, but little did she know what was coming. As she sunk into the tub, she heard an unframiliar and chilling sound. She tried to convince herself it was her mind playing tricks, but when she saw the shadow of a small child and the distant singing of a young girl, she knew she wasn’t staying in this home.

She jumped out of the tub, ran to grab her keys, and escaped from the home while hearing the sounds she could only describe as “the beginning of my personal horror movie”. Thankfully, she made it out without a scratch, but to this day she has never returned, even to get her belongings.

Spooky Season

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