The Vogue Challenge

Snap, a three year old cat, had been missing for 6 weeks. She often went on long adventures, but had never not returned for over a week. Worried about their girl, the Hill family began sharing the news hoping a neighbor would have a sighting. Little did they know this would change the course of their life forever…

As mentioned above, Snap often would leave the Hill family home for days on end, but the family had never questioned where she would go. Upon sharing the news of her disappearance with the neighborhood, they learned so much about her life. One neighbor stated Snap came over every Sunday while he painted outside. Another had stories of Snap joining her on her sunset walk every Thursday night. One even took Snap to the beach! Snap had been acquainted with almost every neighbor in a way her family never knew.

Because of the love shared for Snap across the neighborhood, word spread quickly. Before the Hill family knew it, they were watching their cat get its own story on the news. Slowly, but surely, Snap became the most beloved feline in America – or even the world.

Despite the outstanding love for Snap displayed by the world, they were still unable to find her. It had been 3 months and the Hill Family began losing hope. Until one day she walked up the driveway like she had hundreds of times before as the Hill’s ran to meet her, eyes welling with tears.

Snap spent the next 3 weeks doing tours, meeting fans, and even writing a novel that she would put her paw print on for adoring fans. While all of this was incredible, nothing would beat her fall issue of Vogue.

How-to: The Vogue Challenge

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