Be your own best friend!

For this assignment, I was challenged to create a panoramic picture in which I was featured at least more than once. For this, I decided to depict an image in which I was cooking with myself, one of my favorite activities! While seemingly simplistic, it required lots of takes and a big pep in my step in order to get to the correct placement in time for the photo. Although this created a lot of laughs, I prefer to cook with just one version of myself :). Check out my final project below, or on my flickr page.

This assignment was far more challenging than I initially anticipated! Surprisingly, even as close up as I got, many images seemed obvious. After messing around with various objects within my apartment, I finally decided to venture outside and found an object that I believe is challenging to guess, or at least it was for my roommates! Look at the image below, or on my flickr to try to guess what it is!

You’re doing it wrong

This assignment caught my attention from the start based off of the catchy phrase. Everyday, we see people making mistakes, misunderstanding the use of things, or just choosing to create their own rules. Despite how often this happens, finding a photograph was harder than I predicted. The place I most often see people “doing it wrong” is either driving or within the grocery store. I was able to find a hilarious image that showed a mistake in the latter of these locations, check it out below or on my flickr.

Draw It

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