A New Home

Hey, my name is Scout! I’m a 7 year old dog from Athens, Greece. I’ve spent my entire life roaming the streets of Athens with my other dog friends. Although I love the city, and my pals, I’ve never really had a home to call my own – or an owner. My friends keep me great company, and I can usually get treats from the people that visit here, but all I have ever wanted was to have my own dog bed and an owner who loves to give me pets.

When I turned 7 I had finally accepted that I would never find that, no one likes to adopt old dogs. But that all changed when my future owner decided to book a flight to my city…

Flying over Greece

Devan had never had a dog of her own, but was actually really good at rubbing my belly despite that! But I’m getting ahead of myself. When she first came to Greece, she had no idea her life would change forever, or mine for that matter.

She and her parents decided to find somewhere to eat dinner after hoping off the plane. Luckily, she found the place that my friends and me like to hang out. The owner of the restaurant liked to give us leftovers, so we always headed there around dinner time. I didn’t notice her come in at first, but once I did I immediately knew we’d be friends. Kind of like one of those “pals at first sight” things – you know what I mean?

After she finished eating, she and her family were headed home. I knew they were not from Greece because they said funny words I had never heard before. I was worried for them, they may get lost – or worse! I rounded up my doggo friends and told them we must protect she and her family on their way home. It was a long walk, but we stayed determined and walked along their side the whole way.

The more we walked, the more I fell in love with Devan. I knew I wanted to be her dog and for her to be my owner. I did everything in my power to show her I could be a good boy. I even chased down the mopeds that went by to ensure she’d be safe. Listen to me go!

When we got back to the hotel, they wouldn’t let dogs in – how rude! I still wanted Devan to feel safe, and to see that I wouldn’t give up on her, so I decided to sleep outside and protect their home. I slept all night on street hoping she would love me back.

When she woke up and finally came outside (man does she take a long time to get ready) she was so excited to see me! She ran over and gave me the best pets ever, she even begged her parents to let her keep me! They said she was old enough to make that decision on her own, so she invited me to travel along with them during the day.

I followed them as they shopped and saw the sights and would wait patiently outside as they ate, I was being the best boy ever! We saw ever corner of the city over the next few days, but then their trip came to an end.

When her parents went to the airport, I was a little confused because Devan did not get on the plane. I was wagging my tail and giving her the biggest kisses ever, I guess she decided to stay with me! I found out later it was always her plan to stay, her parents were helping her get settled, but at the time it was the best surprise ever.

I helped Devan move all of her boxes into her new house – who knew humans needed so much stuff?

My New Home

I had never been so happy, she even got me my own dog bed and all of my favorite treats. I finally had a home to call my own. Even though I was so happy I thought my tail would fall off I was wagging it so hard, I couldn’t help but think of my friends. How come they couldn’t have a home and an owner as awesome as mine? So I started bringing them all over to my new house hoping Devan could keep them too.

At first, she was so excited! She bought new dog beds and enough food for us all. But after a few weeks, it seemed like too much. Our new house was filled with dogs and Devan barely had enough food for us all. I thought she would kick my friends out, but I guess she had a different, even better idea!

The next few weeks she was really busy and almost never home, I really began to miss her. But whenever Devan would come back, she would give me pets and tell me how much I’d love what she was working on. Finally, after what felt like a whole dog year, she brought me to a building that said “dog shelter”. She explained to me that she could keep my friends there until they got families of their own! I helped her move all of my friends in and make them comfortable. We were all so excited we covered her with kisses.

After a few weeks, my friends were still in the shelter, no families were taking them and barely anyone even came in the door. Deva began to worry, but then came up with a plan. She started playing on this weird thing where she’d move her fingers really fast, click buttons, and stare at a bright light. After a few hours she came up with this:


After that people came flying in and taking all of my friends to their new homes. Even though I missed them, I was so happy they found someone as awesome as Devan to take care of them. I mean, how could life be any better for us pups?

After 7 years of living on the streets, my friends and me were all able to find comfy homes and nice owners. I even get to visit them at the park sometimes! Everyday Devan and I find new dogs to bring to the shelter and help them find homes, I have made so many friends. It’s been a few years since I found Devan, but I still try to be a good boy and protect her everyday. She is the best owner ever and never goes a day without reminding me that I’m a good boy – she even made me this!

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