Week 1 Summary

Overall, this week’s activities were both challenging and invigorating. I felt as though I was constantly taking pictures, challenging my artistic lens, and pushing myself beyond the work I completed earlier this week. Visual work I believe is my strong suit, among the other disciplines we will be studying. Because of this, I wanted to reach beyond my comfort zone of what I typically do. In order to do this, I studied many of the resources provided in the assignment details, paying special attention to the tips and techniques presented by duChemin.

The first assignment I completed were the Visual Assignments. While seemingly simplistic, they required a lot of creativity and pushing the typical boundaries you tend to see in photography. For example, producing an image in which I am featured twice (this required more than a few takes). While they were time consuming, they were all incredibly rewarding. One challenge I completed was that of creating an image that makes the viewer stop and wonder what they are looking at. This allowed me, again, to push the boundaries of photography and connect with the world around me. Overall, I felt as though these assignments were completed with great thought, care, and detail.

The next assignment I completed was the Draw It challenge. Overall, this assignment was the most challenging for me. While I have comfort in creating visual content, the visual storytelling aspect was not something I had ever explored and by far gave me the most trouble. Thankfully, resources such as “What is Visual Literacy” were able to help me build an understanding of the work I should be producing. Rather than just construct a story around the image, I decided to aid in the visual component by implementing a few gifs allowing the reader to connect even deeper with my work. While I am incredibly proud of my work, I do have some components I would like to have changed. For example, I feel as though the gifs I used were too general and if I had spent more time I might have found some that matched the mood of the story a little more. Despite this, I am proud of how much I have grown and learned in such a short period about visual story telling.

By far my favorite challenge was the photo safari. Seeing the many creative possibilities in one small space was truly incredible. I was also very surprised how different each image looked, again only being in one space. While this was very fun, it also allowed me to practice the techniques I had learned from duChemin‘s ebook. This allowed me to take on photography in a way I never had and immediately see the great results of utilizing these techniques. In addition to the safari itself, reflecting on my images within this blog allowed me to truly take note of what I have learned. Going forward, I plan to challenge myself to try out more of his techniques in order to improve my photography skills even more.

Finally, I worked on developing my participation by completing the Daily Creates for each day this week. It is so fun to not only showcase my work, but see how differently each of my classmates approach the prompts. While I do admire them from a far, I want to challenge myself to construct responses to some of my favorite posts going forward.

It was also really cool to have my first comment on a post (shown below)!!

While dedicated and thoughtful time working with WordPress has paid off in understanding the tools of this platform, I of course still have questions. The biggest being how to use someone else’s blog post to construct my own. As stated in our assignments, this is a complex version of building participation and something that I would love to try. I am inspired by many of my classmates work and would love to showcase them within my platform as well as show my perspective of its impact.

There are, of course, larger implications with any post made to the internet as essentially anyone can view the content produced. As I discussed last time in my summary, posts and content in general can have a large effect on whomever the reader may be. When writing the blog post for the Draw It assignment, I chose to write about homesickness and moving. Because I have never experienced this, I decided to watch videos of those who have to gain a better understanding. Whenever unleashing information into the vastness that is the internet, is important to ensure you are conveying true information. While I can not claim to have experienced what I wrote about, I feel as though my decision to research it prior made the post more thoughtful and real.

Overall, I found visual story telling to be both challenging and fun. While a picture is worth a thousand words, it becomes even more powerful when backed by meaningful script. I loved the challenge of bringing my images to life as well as learning so much about photography as well as storytelling as a whole. I pushed my limits with WordPress and tried to create many connections among my platforms (such as uploading all of my safari photos to flickr which can be viewed below). While I still have much to learn, I feel as though I created great content that met all of the requirements for this assignment. I can’t wait to continue to be challenged and learn more about the digital world, thanks for joining me in my corner!

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