Week 2 Summary

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed completing the graphic design assignments throughout this week. Learning to have the ability to create something by merging two images, adding captions, changing backgrounds, and more is incredibly fun and lets my imagination run.

By far, I enjoyed creating the design assignments this week. For this, I began trying to challenge my storytelling abilities and implemented more fiction stories. For example, the Vogue Challenge was slightly based on my missing cat, with a very dramatized storytelling approach. Other stories, such as Create Your Own Logo were completely fictional. My Valentine and Photo Background Removal were partially true, except again dramatized. Finally, my Are We There Yet? story was entirely truthful. Throughout all of these assignments, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of bringing my image to life through the story I crafted around it.

I was most challenged by creating GIFs. While I have used them in the past, I had never created them myself and honestly had never put much thought into how they are made. In addition to the challenge of actually creating them, I had a significant struggle finding images to match the assignments. However, I turned to TV as they tend to have large reactions and dramatic facial expressions. For the assignments, Been There and DS106 Reacts, I again tried to push myself by creating fictional stories that strengthened the GIFs created. I created my GIFs from images, although I do question how creating a video GIF would change the final product as well as the process of its creation.

I learned the most from the Design Blitz that we completed this week. With some previous experience in marketing, I knew many techniques used in advertising, such as minimalism and typography. However, I learned so much about other aspects such as color, dominance, and rhythm. Additionally, I learned how impactful these techniques are in terms of advertising and catching viewers attention as well as sending almost subliminal messages. Further, after learning these, I began to notice them more and more within the world around me.

While I am incredibly proud of the work I created, as well as how I’ve challenged myself, of course I recognize there is always room for improvement. I was blown away by The Vignelli Canon and frankly all of Vignelli’s work. While I feel as though I reflected well on his work, as well as kept his work in mind while creating my design blitz, I wish I had referenced it more directly within my Design Blitz write-up. I feel as though this would have been a more explicit and direct way to show how his work affected mine.

Finally, I created two Daily Creates this week as well as favorited some of my classmates work. In addition to this, I received my first Comment on my website! To further my participation as well as connection to other students, I decided to take a look at the commenter’s website and reply to their comment. As any internet presence carries, there is a societal implication when I reply and engage to my classmates. Since this is an asynchronous class, how I present myself is the only perception my classmates have of me. Therefore, I must always move forward with empathy and thoughtfulness.

Overall, I feel as though I completed this week’s assignments with thoughtfulness and completing all aspects effectively. I have begun to challenge myself more as I grow comfortable with the platforms. While I am sad to be done with graphic design, I am beyond excited to be challenged in the future.

Thanks for coming to my little corner of the internet!

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