The Vignelli Canon

For this assignment, we were directed to read The Vignelli Canon, a design resource booklet constructed by Massimo Vignelli. Prior to this assignment, I had never heard of Massimo Vignelli, but was shocked to see how much of his work I was familiar with. Specifically, his design of the New York subway system.

The booklet itself is beautifully made. Every detail, from the color of the cover, to the contrast of the pages, is perfectly completed. It was especially interesting to hear Vignelli describe elements of design as well as be provided an example of his work demonstrated said design principle. Many of these principles were hard for me to grasp initially, his outlay was brilliant and far easier to understand.

There were also many elements I had never thought about prior to reading The Vignelli Canon. Some that I was most surprised to see included texture, timelessness, and binding. All of these elements effect me as a reader/viewer, although I had never thought about them explicitly. Again, seeing his examples truly brought the importance of each to life.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed viewing his work. Not only was I amazed with how incredible he could make everyday items look, but I also learned a lot that will be implemented into my future photography and design. Although it was my first time viewing his work, I am sure it will not be my last.

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