How To: Audio Stitching

Prior to this course, I had never created anything with audio and had never used Audacity or Free Sounds. It was by far the most intimidating to me. Despite that, I am now so comfortable using it that I am able to create a tutorial on how I completed my work! It is crazy to see how much I have grown.

For my final project, I utilized Free Sounds in order to create an audio short story about a dog chasing a motorcycle. When I began, I feared I would not be able to find sounds that would mold together well. However, I was delightfully surprised to see there were actually a plethora of options. I had more of a struggle finding which ones I liked best rather than struggling to find any sounds at all.

In order to create it, I simply dragged and dropped the Free Sounds into Audacity after downloading them. I then cropped and moved them to be in the correct position. From there it’s a simple download and then upload to Soundcloud. Check out a more detailed tutorial below!

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